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Our Leather

If there's a color that we don't have in stock, contact us with your preferred leather, and we'll get it ordered, free of charge!
Oak Leaf Special _Natural_

Oak Leaf Natural Veg Tan


This is the leather we use on all our (basic)

items. It is a very high quality vegetable tanned leather, It's vegetable tanned or 'veg tan' for short. This is a tanning process that can take roughly a month to finish, using natural vegetable oils and products. Veg tan leather is firm and strong. This leather has a wood-like texture, hence the name, Oak Leaf. 

Hermann Oak _natural__edited.jpg

Hermann Oak "Natural" Veg Tan

Hermann Oak is known for its natural look and its very firm and smooth texture. It can be oiled & waxed to dark brown tones that is unique to Hermann Oak. Due to its very tight grain, this leather is arguably the strongest leather made. Its strength and natural rugged looks make Hermann Oak a top choice.

Old world veg tan _Natural__edited_edited.jpg

Old World Belly

Old World Belly is veg tanned in iroko wood drums and hand finished to create a strong, soft and glossy texture. Like all veg tan leathers, this leather is luxurious and will make any wallet or clutch a step above the others. 

Wickett&Criag _Buck Brown_

Wickett & Craig (Color: Buck Brown)

Wickett & Craig offers high-quality options. This leather is veg tanned and extremely glossy. It holds natural waxes and oils, which means it doesn't need anything added to it. However, if you'd prefer a darker tone, we can add oil. To see more colors, visit Wicket & Craig.


Badalassi Carlo Waxy (Color: Natural)

This is our go-to brand from the Badalassi Carlo line. The texture of this leather is soft and flexible, yet strong. It's veg tanned and comes in 16 different colors. Each item we make out of Badalassi Carlo leather comes with a card of authenticity. Each card is numbered and sent straight from Tuscany, Italy. 

Badalassi waxy _Cognac_

Badalassi Carlo Waxy (Color: Cognac)

The lightening texture of this leather is unique to this brand. The Cognac color has a distinct smoky look and is a top seller of the line. 

_Badalassi waxy_ dark brown

Badalassi Carlo Waxy (Color: Dark Brown)

Other than black, dark brown is the darkest color in the waxy line. Like the other colors of the waxy leather, the texture is gorgeous and the feel is waxy and soft. This leather is veg tanned, which heightens its durability and lifespan. 

Badalassi waxy _Olmo_

Badalassi Carlo Waxy (Color: Olmo)

Olmo is an almond-colored leather in the waxy line and is another top seller of this line.

Horween Dublin _Huntington Brown_
IMG_2373 2.jpg

Horween Dublin (Color: Huntington Brown)

Horween leather has a natural, rugged look and is veg tanned and smooth. This leather was first made in the U.S. in 1905.

Horween Dublin (Color: Dark Brown)


Horween leather has a natural, rugged look and is veg tanned and smooth. This leather was first made in the U.S. in 1905.

Conceria Walpier _red_

Conceria Walpier (Color: Black Wax Red)

This is known as Italy's finest leather and comes covered in black wax. It is smooth and soft, veg tanned, and strong. When wax is rubbed off, it creates texture and a unique, natural pattern. We carry red, blue and green. To view more options, visit Conceria Walpier (Italy)


Oil and Waxed Leather

We can oil & wax any leather we offer, as you can see in the picture above. The oil & wax gives the leather a darker tone and also makes the leather far more durable, scratch resistant and brings out texture and natural markings. 

embossed crocodile _Teal_

Exotic Leather (Color: Ocean Blue)

Exotic leather shows natural texture and patterns. Crocodile leather, shown above, is one of the exotic options we carry. To see additional options, visit Exotics

V6 Badalassi_edited_edited.jpg

"Special Order" Leather (free of charge)

If you prefer a leather we don't keep in stock, contact us and tell us what you'd like. We will order it, free of charge, and will email you once it arrives. You can also contact us at 360-955-1360. 

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