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The "Gentleman" is a classic bifold wallet with modern styled card pockets. It has a full sized cash pocket and 4 card pockets, The "Waxy" pockets give this wallet a gorgeous contrast between light and dark color tones.

• Made of 100%  Badalassi Waxy leather

 Made in only one tannery in Tuscany Italy, the lightning like texture is unqiue to this leather and the feel is incredible. 

more in the details below. 


We also do custom laser engraving, we can use a picture you send us or  simple Letters and numbers.

"The Gentleman"

Sales Tax Included
  • This entire wallet is made of Badalassi Carlo "Waxy" leather, it is our favorite leather. It has the most stunning texture and feel and it ages so well. The tannery in Tuscany Italy is legendary for this leather and others but mainly this one. We hope you love it!

    This measures 3 inches x 4.5 inches. 

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