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Build Your Bennington

When you select "Start building," we have an easy to use list of all our options and (add on) services, click on what you want and we make it for you.

Leather Craftsman
vertical wallets, _cub_ _V6_ _V8_ _Cadillac

Design options

Select "Start building" to see all our design options. We make wallets, clutches, cuffs and more. 

Leather options

We offer options for both the inside "pockets" and outside "shell" leather.

Leather brands we carry:

     - Badalassi Carlo

     - Horween

     - Hermann Oak 

     - Conceria Walpier

     - Oak Leaf

     - Alran

     - Montbelle

     - Wickett & Craig

from top, badalassi natural, cognac, tobacco, olmo, Horween nut brown&Huntington brown, na
Craft Materials
thread colors, white, off white, cream, black, blue, beetroot, silver, cigar, brown, dark

Leather Detail

- Thread color (included in price)

*White is defaulted if no color is chosen

- Oil & wax (add-on)

*enhances tone color

- Dyed edges (add-on)

- Weather & scratch resistance sealer (add-on) 

Personalized Engraving

Add a personal touch by having an image, initials or any picture you want engraved in your item. We can convert any picture into a real to life engraving that will never fade. 

full laser piece_edited.jpg
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